About us



The Lawford, icon of the East African Coast, opened its doors in Malindi in 1934. Its founder imagined it as a great home for friends and travellers, built around a wonderful park, a place to get to and where to start discovering Africa. The Lawford is not just a resort, it is the way to experience Africa from the inside, a way that accompanies you during your stay, during excursions and waits for you to come back to share happiness and experiences. We are the successors of the spirit of the founder. The philosophy, kept in the symbol of  Traveler’s Palm,e, does not change: beauty is consolidated while care and love for every single guest increase every day with the pleasure of making everything unforgettable!


After many years of honorable career in the service of His Majesty, Colonel Lawford decided to turn some bungalows he had built into a hotel. The result was a welcoming and exclusive structure that housed the English compatriots who animated the privileged colonial society of Nairobi

It was 1934, the Lawford’s was born and the East Standard, the prestigious
English newspaper printed in the capital, immediately called it “the pride of the Kenyan coast”. Simple, essential, by the ocean and hidden among thick vegetation, Lawford’s proved to be the perfect place for the English high class who could spend time here on the beach, golfing, fishing the Marlin, spending evenings at the Country Club

with the inevitable “whiskey after sunset” ritual: men in black tie and women in long dresses bade farewell to the day by the pool in front of the last rays of the sun. The guests’ gold book was enriched every year with prestigious names: Ernest Hemingway also attended the hotel with his great friends Sir Alfred Vanderbilt and Philip Percival. After 85 years, “the pride of the Kenyan coast” is still here: The Lawford is now a modern, elegant and secluded resort that does not forget its past splendor.